Faith-Centered Treatment Solutions

faith-centeredThere are a number of treatment centers out there that provide help for addiction recovery on different levels. Some of them consider in non-12 step programs that do not include religion. This can also be a good alternative for those who are not religious and believe that being in a religious group might cause uneasy approach for them. Faith Based Treatment programs are exactly what they say, based on faith. Majority of these programs are centered on the Christian beliefs and faith. Christian drug rehab centers offer a faith-based establishment for those struggling with addiction. Christian treatment centers promote religious reflection and sometimes use scripture as guidance in the course of drug addiction along with traditional detox, personality counseling, and group therapy sessions. In a faith-based treatment program, God’s love and acceptance are emphasized so the recovering addict can gather strength and get inspiration. A lot of the healing centers that are faith-based are for women only, while a few are for men only. The key objective of a faith based treatment center is the same as a regular treatment center, to assist the individual overcome the addiction and begin the path of sobriety. The Road to Freedom program uses a diversity of techniques, activities and programs to assist recovering addicts become more responsive and connect with a higher power such as:

  • Pastoral counseling
  • Prayer/Christian meditation
  • Bible study
  • Christ-centered 12-steps meetings
  • Mindfulness training
  • Worship services
  • Spiritual support and encouragement

How Christ-Centered Programs Can Help You Faith-based recovery programs have turn out to be a popular alternative for those seeking a spiritual way out for their drug and alcohol addiction. Spirituality is often used in the addiction recovery process to seek a higher power and increase empathy and compassion for oneself and others. Faith-Centered Treatment Solutions encourages consciousness, directness and honesty about your drug and alcohol abuse and acknowledges that you can transform your life in recovery and let go of the past.

Addiction Recovery with Effective Treatment

Addiction is considered an illness, thus treatment is required. The treatment involves medical treatment, self-help groups, behavioral therapies, and counseling. Some people assume that they can treat addiction simply by quitting but sometimes this is not always true. Severity of the addiction and dependence are considered before treatment is initiated. For instance, doctor prescribed medication to an addicted person for legal reasons such as injury pains and altered brain biochemistry.

If you know someone who is an addict, this can become a bit daunting especially if you do not know what you can do in order to help. Admittedly, once you decide to help an addict, it can be extremely hard especially if you are not too sure if you are doing the right thing. Just remember that addicts need all the help and support that they need and you may never know you just might be able to help save people’s lives just by being there and being supportive of their recovery, and for that you have to keep yourself updated with the addiction recovery news and information.

Addiction can be devious, thus it is important to manage them. You can create a list of high-risk situations and discuss it with fellow person who is also in addiction recovery treatment. With this list, you can able to identify the situation which you might have overlooked. Always keep the list with you. Learning to relax is a vital tool in addiction recovery. People who do are not relaxed usually developed tension, thus they sort themselves to alcohol and drugs. People who are not relaxed also use alcohol and drugs to reward themselves and escape from tension.

Relaxation is not optional rather is an essential factor to addiction recovery. It is proven by numerous studies to lessen the use of marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol. It ranges in many different ways from simple walking to structured methods such as meditation. If you experience lots of stress, you need a more complicated and reliable technique such as meditation as simple walking may not effectively work.

Do remember that being addicted to something is a very hard thing to experience. The best thing to do when you know someone who is addicted is to be there for the person. While there is always a chance that the person will try to reject the help that you are giving out, being there for the person can make a lot of difference.

Symptoms of Addiction

addiction signs

There are times when people are already addicted to something yet they fail to recognize it. The levels of addiction that people experience may differ but even if it is only mild addiction, it is still a form of addiction that would have to be stopped. How will you recognize that you are addicted if you do not know the symptoms? Here are just some of the symptoms that people might experience when they are already addicted:

Need to Get A hold of Addicted Thing – For instance you know that drugs are bad for you yet you still try to get it no matter how expensive the drug is. If you would stop at nothing just to get the drug that you would like then you are probably addicted to it.

Withdrawal – This is somewhat similar to your need to get that addictive thing. If for instance you would want to steer away from the addicted thing but you know that you have to stop it, you might experience some symptoms that will cause you to become uncomfortable. The discomfort might be caused by the withdrawal from the substance/s that your body is looking for.

Thinking of only the substance or addictive thing – If you are trying to stop yourself from smoking but you cannot think about anything but the need to smoke or the type of cigarette that you would like to smoke then you are already addicted to it.

Things that are done are focused or related to the addiction – Let us still use the addiction to smoking. If you hang out more now with your friends that smoke than your nonsmoker friends then you are already engaging in activities that will let you do your addiction more freely. While some people may argue that they smoke with friends in order to mingle, you might be surprised with the number of people who would admit that they only made friends with certain people so that they would feel that they have already justified the need to make their addiction seem right.

If you are not addicted to anything but you feel that a close friend or a family member is battling some sort of addiction, there are certain signs that you can look for in order to confirm your observations:

● Secretiveness

● Making up lies or stories to cover up something

● Weight loss or weight gain

● Change in sleeping pattern for no apparent reason

● Inability to hold long conversations with other people

● Changes in social groups

Do remember though that these “signs” may be caused by other things. Remember to do your observations well rather than jumping to conclusions so that you will not encounter problems in the future.